Seven irrevocable letters that will resonate in your head for the rest of the year; that cruel truth: You lost. And this morning may turn out to be a delightful morning full of sunshine and warm air; a leisurely morning surrounded by loved ones; one of those mornings portrayed in advertisements to sell coffee or low fat yogurt.

The worst part of it all is that this will be one of those mornings. If, for instance, this morning turned out to be gray, windy, misty or rainy instead, you would at least be able to find an excuse as to the reason behind your gloominess and blame the weather. But you know today is not gonna be a rainy day. There is probably no real scientific reason behind it, but almost always, when you lost, the following day will look like a postcard. A damn postcard, with good weather and the joie de vivre plastered all over it.

Stories about FootballAnd then you have no choice but to feel ungrateful, crazy or stupid. Or better still, you will feel all three at the same time, and rightly so. That’s why you are not going to remain silent. When asked, IF someone asks; because it can happen that, with such a stunning, sunny morning, no one might resort to taking notice of your absent minded face. You will probably say that “no, that you are all right, that you are just sleepy, that you did not sleep well”. Yes, that’s it. “You did not sleep well and you are sleepy.” Well, on second thought, it might be true that you are sleepy after all. It may have taken you hours to fall asleep. You probably tossed and turned in bed looking for a position that might help you relax and finally give in to slumber.