Stories about Football IIYou stay still, in the end, because you do not wish to wake your wife and have her ask you what is wrong with you. Is there something wrong with you? Not really. But those seven words keep resonating in your head, time and time again. Perhaps you have woken up at some point during the night, which happens, too, when you lost. You have gone to the bathroom with the idea of returning to bed immediately and fall asleep.

You have taken 10, 15 steps to the bathroom in the dark, groping, eyes closed as not to awaken them too much. But then it happened. Yet again. An image crossed your mind. It does not necessarily need to be the actual moment of the goal. Perhaps, it was the other team’s jersey, with the name of the player above a number, which you can not visualize at the moment. It is all blurry. But it is all the same. Perhaps, it was merely a billboard you saw by the goal. Was it a phone company? Perhaps a fast food restaurant. You are not sure. It does not make a difference. The important thing is that both the billboard and the jersey stay with you. They get back into bed with you and your wife. And defeat.

There, in the midst of the insomnia and the bitterness, you will remember that goal with exquisite precision, with no other purpose than to hurt yourself. You will be projecting that image again, again and again, as if, by any chance, during some of these endless repetitions, the defender and the goalkeeper will avoid the unavoidable. But no.

And you will remember the most difficult time of the previous night; it was not when they made the second goal. Or when the team members where booed. Because during those times, you were not alone…