This web site has been published here with the purpose of sharing different stories about the world of football and various events related to the world of football, or soccer, as we call it on this side of the tiny pond some call the Atlantic Ocean. If you are into football, then this might be the right web site for you to check out and spend a few minutes browsing through the many posts and pages presented here.

Some articles or stories gathered here are fictional. Some are real. The truth is that it does not matter, because whether the stories or articles compiled are based on an actual person, each football fan will be able to recognize him or herself in these stories. They will be able to relate to many of the situations and feelings described when it comes to being passionate about something in life, be it sports, art, or a particular team.

The most important aspect of sports, thinks the author of most of these texts and posts, is not glory; it is not success, loss, technique, money, fame or physical prowess. The most important aspect of sports is people, and the people that, together, share a common identity, whether a national identity or not, a sense of community, of unity and belonging; being a small part of something bigger, which enables humans to connect with other humans, regardless of their background, race or gender. Sports, it will be argued over the pages of this web site, is merely an excuse to strengthen ties with other human beings.